Varicose Cure 100gms- Ointment

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Packaging Size            : 100g

Active Ingredients      : Arnica Q, Bellis Per Q, Hamamelis Q and other rare Homoeopathic Medicines of herbal Mother Tinctures

Inactive Ingredients    : Ointment Base, Eucalyptus Oil and Fragrance

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces pain & repairs twisted veins
  • Bring proper blood circulation
  • Reduces swelling in legs
  • Helps to reduce feet numbness
  • Prevent varicose ulcers, itching & skin discoloration
  • Heals the sprains, strains, tendinitis & bursitis


නහර ගැට ගැසුණු රෝගීන් සදහා ඉක්මන් සුවය.

අතුරු ආබාධ නැත.



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Application of HK Homoeopathi Varicose Cure Ointment

Apply twice daily on clean and dried affected area and gently massage into upwards. (Apply it on the places where the veins are tied, in the middle of the thighs and in the groin and massage)

Ointment is an external application. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

ශරීරයේ ගැට ගැසුණු නහර ලිහිල් කරයි.
රුධිර සංසරණය ක‍්‍රමවත් කර සුවය සලසයි.
පාද වේදනා හා ඉදිමීම් නැති කර පාද හිරිවැටීම අවම කරයි.
තුවාල හටගැනීම් වළකාලයි.
කැසීම් හා පාද අවපැහැය නැති කරයි.
තැලීම්, උළුක්කු සදහා ද යෝග්‍යයයි.

Reduces pain & repairs twisted veins.
Bring proper blood circulation.
Reduces swelling in legs.
Helps to reduce feet numbness.
Prevent varicose ulcers,itching & skin discoloration.
Heals the sprains,strains,tendinitis & bursitis.



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